Program & Computing Policies


Program & Computing Policies

Program Policies

  • Eligibility Information
    • Incoming full-time (12+ credits) students (freshmen and transfer) who are classified as in- and out-of-state students are eligible to receive a Chromebook.  International students do not qualify due to customs enforcement and returning upper classmen students will only have an opportunity based on Chromebook availability.
    • If a student does not claim their Chromebook by the census date (varies) of their first semester, as a full-time student at UCCS, they have actively relinquished their opportunity to use this device during their career as a UCCS student.
    • Recipients will maintain their device, while enrolled at UCCS. Those who leave UCCS (graduation, transferring, dropping out or taking a break from schooling) must return their laptop.
  • Claim your Chrombook

    How to claim your Chromebook:

    1. Visit the Chromebook homepage and reserve your Chromebook through the reservation website. Eligibility is based on current enrollment status. It will take up to one business day to verify you are enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours and are a first-year or transfer student. 
    2. Choose to pick up in person at the UCCS Bookstore or have the Chromebook shipped (students are responsible for covering shipping costs). You will receive an email confirmation. Bring this confirmation email with you to pick up the Chromebook at the UCCS Bookstore starting July 27, 2020. 
    3. Connect with the Disability Services Coordinator if you have accessibility needs pertaining to the use of the Chromebook.
  • UCCS OIT Required Maintenance

    All updates and security measures will be pushed out and managed by the OIT.  Student users will know when these updates or changes will occur.

  • Loss and Theft
    • In the event of loss or theft, the student needs to immediately file a report with the Campus Police (719-255-3111) and contact the OIT Service Desk (719-255-4357).
    • In the event a Chromebook is lost or stolen or the university has sufficient cause to believe the device is no longer in a student’s possession, the device may be rendered non-functional.
    • If the Chromebook is lost or stolen, the student may be issued a “loaner” device for their use while enrolled as a student at UCCS. This “loaner” device must be returned to the university at the conclusion of studies at UCCS. If the “loaner” device is lost or stolen, the student will be responsible for its full replacement cost.
  • Important Repair Information
    • Most repairs will result in loss of all data and personal files stored on the laptop. Back up your data regularly to student storage or other media and especially before repair services.
    • You may not receive the same laptop back after a repair of the hardware or a reload of the software.
    • All repair of UCCS-issued Chromebooks for hardware or software failure as a result of normal "everyday wear and tear" is free of charge at the UCCS Service Desk.
    • If the Chromebook is damaged beyond “everyday wear and tear," the student will be held financially responsible for the repair or replacement of the equipment.
  • Return Policy

    Any device returned (due to graduation, transferring, etc) will be turned in to the OIT Service Desk and Return Form will be completed acknowledging that the student is relinquishing physical possession of their Chromebook

    A student not returning a Chromebook to OIT due to graduation, transfer or un-enrollment status within 5 business days of status change is subject to the following charges on their university bill.

    • If a Chromebook is lost or stolen and cannot be returned during year one, 100% of initial purchase price will be charged to the student’s account. (2020 current purchase price $259.34)
    • If a Chromebook is lost or stolen and cannot be returned during year two, 75% of initial purchase price will be charged to the student’s account. (2020 current purchase price of $259.34 x 75%= $194.50)
    • If a Chromebook is lost or stolen and cannot be returned during year three, 50% of initial purchase price will be charged to the student’s account. (2020 current purchase price of $259.34 x 50%= $129.67)
    • If a Chromebook is lost or stolen and cannot be returned during year four or later, 25% of initial purchase price will be charged to the student’s account. (2020 current purchase price of $259.34 x 25%= $64.84)
  • Important Information
    • Chromebooks that are damaged, lost, or stolen will result in a replacement charge of up to $259.34 on the student’s university bill for replacement/repair.
    • Wireless network functionality will vary by environmental conditions.
    • Battery performance will degrade over time. Replacement is dependent on vendor policies.
    • UCCS does not make any warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the security of data, loss of notebook, or any other related matter during the term of the Chromebook Computer Agreement
    • Student will be charged $25 if AC adapter is not returned
  • Agreement Highlights

    Chromebook Computer Use and Alterations

    • The student agrees not to remove, dismantle, or open the Chromebook computer case.
    • The student agrees to use the Chromebook computer in a careful and lawful manner and shall not make any alterations, additions, or improvements, including the removal of any labels, to either the Chromebook computer, its case, or power adapter, without prior written consent of UCCS OIT.  Prohibited alterations include, but are not limited to, additional memory and larger hard drive.  Should additions and/or improvements be made to the Chromebook, such amenities will become the property of UCCS.
    • Should UCCS elect to remove any additions, alterations, or improvements, made by the student to the Chromebook computer, UCCS reserves the right to charge the student a fee for the cost of restoring the Chromebook to its original configuration and condition.
    • UCCS is not responsible for the maintenance of or providing technical assistance for any applications or hardware not listed on the official UCCS Chromebook Computer Program Web site.
  • Loss and Damage
    • The student shall take reasonable and prudent care to maintain the Chromebook Computer and assorted components in a safe and secure manner.   The Student shall bear the risk of loss for a lost, stolen, or damaged Chromebook Computer and components from the date the Student receives delivery of the Chromebook until the return of the Chromebook to UCCS as set forth in the agreement.
    • The student agrees to report all incidents of vandalism to, and theft of, the Chromebook Computer immediately to UCCS Campus Police and local law enforcement. The student agrees to cooperate fully with UCCS OIT, UCCS Campus Police, and the appropriate local law enforcement agency in completing all necessary reports.  
      • The student shall pay UCCS for the repair and/or replacement cost, not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100, $50 LCD screen and $50 system board), for damaged Chromebook Computers and components.
      • The student shall reimburse UCCS for the entire replacement cost, not to exceed two hundred fifty-nine dollars and thirty-four cents ($259.34) for lost Chromebook Computer and components.
      • The student shall pay UCCS not to exceed two hundred fifty-nine dollars and thirty-four cents ($259.34) per stolen Chromebook Computer upon UCCS’s receipt of a copy of an official police report.  Failure to provide an official police report could result in the student being charged the full replacement cost ($259.34) of the Chromebook Computer and components.
      • The student shall pay UCCS not to exceed ($25) for lost or non-returned power adapters.  Power adapter returned with Chromebook computer must have the Property of sticker affixed to the adapter.
      • All fees will be assessed through the Bursar’s Office.
  • Indemnity and Assignment and Compliance with Applicable Law and Policy

    Assignment and Compliance with Applicable Law and Policy

    • This Agreement and the covenants contained herein are neither assignable nor transferable.
    • The student agrees to comply with and adhere to UCCS’s regulations and policies governing the use of computing services and components.  
    • The student agrees to comply with State and Federal laws and regulations including, but not limited to, laws of libel, data privacy, copyright, trademark, gambling, obscenity, and child pornography; the Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Action, which prohibit “hacking” and similar activities; and State computer crime statutes.


    • The student is responsible for his/her personal use of UCCS information technology systems and the liability resulting therefrom.
    • UCCS is not responsible for injuries, damages, penalties, or losses, including legal costs and expenses incurred by the student or other person(s) due to installation of software, transporting the Chromebook, or any other use of equipment described herein.
    • The student shall indemnify UCCS for any injuries, damages, or losses caused by the intentional or negligent act(s) of the student. The obligation of indemnification to UCCS survives the term of this Agreement.
  • Insurance & Ownership


    • The student is encouraged to have a homeowner/renter insurance policy or a special insurance policy, to cover payments due to UCCS in case of loss or theft of Chromebook.
    • UCCS does not make any warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the security of data, loss of Chromebook, or any other related matter during the term of this Agreement.

    Chromebook Ownership

    • Chromebook, components, and peripherals shall remain the property of UCCS. The student has no title or property interest in Chromebook, components, and peripherals except as provided for in this Agreement.  NOTICE:  There is no Chromebook buy-out provision.

General Computing Policies

  • UCCS Technology Security

    While UCCS is committed to protecting its technology resources and its campus technology users from misuse, illegal and malicious activities. Some of the most common threats include phishing/email scams, viruses, worms, spyware, adware and identity theft. Ultimately, only you can ensure your information security is maintained for your online and offline activities. Here are some helpful resources to help inform you of good security behavior while using your Chromebook.

  • Commitment to Protection of Individual Privacy

    The University of Colorado (“CU” or the “University”) supports the protection of individual privacy and is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of personally identifiable information provided by its employees, students, and other members of the university community.  However, because the University of Colorado is a public institution, some personally identifiable information may be subject to disclosure pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act[1]. In addition, the University may disclose information to third parties when such disclosure is required or permitted by law.

    What information does the University collect?

    You may access most University of Colorado websites without providing personally identifiable information, however you may need to provide personal information to use certain services. The amount and type of personal information to use these services varies. It is the practice of the University of Colorado to collect the least amount of personally identifiable information necessary to provide services and meet any legal obligations.

    The personal data that University of Colorado collects about you may include: name, e-mail address,  mailing address,  phone number,  date of birth, social security number (or other national ID), academic records, employment records, past military service, state/country of residence, criminal history,  ethics/disciplinary history,  ethnic origin,  native language, gender, preferred name, test scores, social media account information, athletic achievements, financial information, billing information, passport information, etc.

    See our whole privacy statement at the page below.

  • Email Service Usage

    All UCCS email is run on Office 365, which provides the foundation for Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks information. Office 365 Email is a Microsoft hosted email solution that gives users the ability to send email, use calendaring, setup tasks, and set reminders. Your UCCS email credentials also provide access to other benefits such as OneDrive for Business, Online Microsoft Apps and the full suite of Office Applications for your desktop and mobile devices.  These features are available through Outlook, web browsers, and many mobile devices built in mail applications.

  • Copyright and File Sharing

    Although the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) Information Technology department does not actively scan or monitor the campus network for copyright violations, individuals using UCCS computing resources should be aware that such acts may result in suspension or removal of computer access, expulsion, corrective and/or disciplinary action, as well as civil and/or criminal penalties.

    Computing Policy

    In addition to being a violation of federal law, use of file sharing software to illegally obtain copyrighted material is a violation of UCCS Computing User Policy. Faculty, staff or students who violate the policy will be referred to the appropriate administrative and/or review authority for further action.  Information Technology will only take action against an individual upon repeat violations of the policy as outlined in the procedures below.


    Learn about copyright at